Nepal Medical Students’ Society is a representative organization of bachelor level medical students established with the aim of providing rightful and timely guidance to the education activities, providing adequate knowledge and skills to the concerned students for serving mankind by the prevention and treatment of diseases and elevation of general health status (NMSS constitution; published on 22nd March 1987)
NMSS is an internationally recognized, non-profit making, non-political and purely professional organization of medical students of Nepal. It is guided in its action by two main principles student welfare and social service. Since its establishment in 1985, NMSS has not only played an important role in uplifting academic environment but also conducted various activities like blood donation, rural health camps, student exchange, cultural programs and celebration of various international days. Our mandate, as we describe it, is to work for overall development of the medical students and young doctors so that they can work as responsible health professional in near future.
  • To unite all the medical students for their own benefit and to advocate their rights.
  • To identify the health needs of the nation and help provide proper health education and requirements.
  • To upgrade medical education in Nepal with changing time.
  • To provide suggestions to authorities to take appropriate steps for better health of people.
  • To link between the International Federation of Medical Students Association (IFMSA) so that problems of the students can be addressed globally.
NMSS was established on 12th of Mangsir 2043 B.S.(1985 A.D.) by our seniors of Maharajgunj Campus, Institute of Medicine, Tribhuwan University, Kathmandu. Year after the first elected executive committee in the history of NMSS was formed. The committee consisted of following members:
  1. President: Dr. Krishna Kumar Rai
  2. Vice-President: Dr. Danush Dahal
  3. Secretary: Dr. Yogendra Prasad Singh
  4. Treasurer: Dr. Raja Ram Shrestha
At that time there was only one medical college in Nepal. NMSS was registered in Kathmandu District Office on 2nd of Asadh, 2047 (Regd. No. 73/046/047). The first amendment to the constitution was made on 10th Asadh, 2055 (1998). According to the amendment the central executive will be formed by the students of Maharjgunj Campus and there will be branches of NMSS in each Medical College of Nepal. The right to amend the constitution is retained only by the students of Maharajgunj Campus.